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 HTLF Mucho's Boots  male (AAL Mucho Grandi x Kayla's Paris Show Stopper) DOB: 5-1-2010  Click on the little picture for a better look. 

HTLF Ms. Chocolate Chips  (McRoberts Chilean San Juan x MGF Hot Coco) DOB: 10-21-2007  Another extreme suri girl that should be in the showring.  Click on the two little pictures for a better look.

HTLF Princess Lil  (AAL Mucho Grand x YW Could It be Magic)  DOB: 6-22-2007  This girl was also born while I was in the hospital and named by another granddaughter.  She is tall (and I do mean tall), big boned, very heavy wooled and should also be in the showring.  Notice her heighth compared to the gate panel.  Click on the small pictures for a better look.


BLK's Flamenca (Hidalgo Amigo x Franceska) DOB: 2-28-2002  A female that has a show history.  A total shearing this year to cool her for the summer.  Currently not bred but will breed to any of our breeding males--your choice.

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