Judy was headed to a llama show with five llamas.  About half way to her destination a man fell asleep at the wheel, crossed the center line and hit her head on.  After months in the hospital, third and fourth degree burns, physical therapy, amputations on both feet and a long recovery at home tended by her loving family she has found a 'new normal'.  Thrilled to be alive she has learned she is not physically able to do the work she once did. 

    As a result of the accident, she has had to give up showing her prized llamas.  She is excited to see others purchasing her llamas and taking them in the show ring.  She enjoys watching the shows her llamas and their new owners attend. 

  Below are pictures of her car and her llama trailer after the accident.  The pictures tell the story of why she is just glad to be alive.  The arrow shows where she was sitting.  Fortunately, a friend following her helped a young man, that risked his own life pull her from the car.  All the llamas survived with minor injuries and are doing very well.    Only by the Grace of God life is good for her!!