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Fall 2011

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Illinois Llamas

  Residing on a hill south of Havana, Illinois, "THE Llama Farm" has a breeding herd with the best in the nation bloodlines from carefully selected acquisitions that have resulted in the breeding of many Grand Champion males and females. It is our endeavor to raise and maintain a high degree of quality in our breeding, medical care and herd management. We intend to treat our llamas, our employees and our visitors with the attention and courtesy they so aptly deserve.  We like to be able to walk up to any of our llamas in the pasture without them being haltered.

 Llamas have a short history in North America so quality is of  upper most importance to us.

          Since its inception in 1991 it has been "THE" Llama Farmís goal to breed for correct, genetically sound, silky fibered, gentle llamas.  In 2003 we purchased our first suri llamas and now enjoy raising them as much as our traditional llamas.   We enjoy these magical creatures with large eyes, long lashes, banana shaped ears and an amazing amount of intelligence.  Spend a little time with our llamas and you'll get caught up in their magical essence.

         We started into our journey of adding suri's to our herd.  We are excited about what we are producing.  Because of the car accident our quantity has slowed down a bit but NOT our quality.  Check out our suri page.  (Click on car accident to see what she survived.)

         We do not breed females until they are at least 30 months old. We find we have larger healthier babies and better milking mothers (click here to see a llama birth) by waiting the extra few months for the moms to mature.  We do not put a male into service until almost  three years of age; again finding they breed better at a more mature age.

Prairie Ridge Vet Clinic, Havana, Il.  provides our regular veterinary needs and the University of Illinois provides intensive care treatment on the rare needed occasion.

Dr. Norm Evans serves as a nutrition advisor.

All our llamas are registered, microchipped, have a complete medical file including birthing and IgG records and  DNA cards.

        We shear all our llamas each spring for their comfort. The fiber is wonderful for spinning into yarn to make garments or for felting.

       We prefer to see our llamas in pairs as they are a companion animal that likes a kindred spirit to be happy.

      We enjoy spending time educating the public, the school children and the elderly about our llamas. We belong to numerous national llama organizations and support their devotion to promoting the welfare of our silent friends.

        We loved attending local, state and national shows and supporting the shows.  However, since 2007 when a man fell asleep at the wheel, crossed the center line and hit Judy and her llamas head-on we have had to give up the showing.  We still try to attend the shows and help all we can but it has become impossible for Judy to get everything done for the shows.  We still have and will continue to breed those award winning llamas.   Come see what we have in the pasture and you can be the one taking home the awards for us!!

Lifetime member: Llama Futurity Association

Lifetime member: Alpaca and Llama Show Association

Lifetime member Land of Lincoln Livestock Breeders.

Lifetime member: Suri Llama Association

Member:    International Lama Registry,

                  Southeast Llama Rescue

      Illinois Lama Association

THE Llama Farm was the recipient of the 2009 Illinois Land of Lincoln Purebred Breeders Association Hall of Fame award.  The portrait will hang in the Department of Agriculture Building and is a first for a llama breeder.  On hand for the award were many fellow llama breeders from Illinois.

We are very surious with

AAL Mucho Grandi

M.R.S. Soul Magic

and our suri ladies




Frank & Judy Hofreiter


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